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Fx Impact barrel holder

The holding piece

The idea started few years ago and presented to colleagues in Airgun Association here in saudi arabia , and many expressed his admiration for the idea especially after an actual experiment was put forward to install on the barrel.

The experiments began by bounding the barrel to the cylinder,but it turned out later that it was impractical due to the change of cylinder size according to several factors such as the amount of compressed air, temperature, as well as the difference the small amount of change in point of impact if leaning on air cylinder.

Other experiments was carried out like placing a piece of Teflon between the body of the gun and pressing it with the shroud, but it was feasible because zero will change if shroud was loosened up or tightened up or even moved .

Experiments continued until this idea was reached, thank God .

It was a beautiful and successful idea, God willing, and ensured that zaro was more stable than before

It reduces the search for harmony and reduces the vibration in barrel.

It’s known that fx impact barrel is similar to “free- floating barrels”

in fire arms but not totally free as they are installed with a lonely back screw and the rest of the barrel is on 4 O-rings for balance and stabilization.

However, the previous set up couldn’t guarantee solid stability and requires more steps in the tuning process for the barrel.

The barrel also descends in hot weather due to the heat of the aluminum metal that soften the O-rings . And vice versa in cold weather th barrel rises because the O-rings hrdens .

And here comes the role of the holding piece as it stablize the barrel tightly whatever the matter of the O-rings and differences in temperature.

This hloding piece was CNC machined with high accuracy with an error rate up to 0.05 .

And this exact number is very important in the manufacturing of delicate things such as the picatinny rail for the scope and what is related to the barrel, it doesn’t tolerate miner errors .

The installation method is very easy:

1- remove the upper picatinny rail ( scope bridge )

2-remove the barrel

3- Unscrew the two screws on the front and take out the old holding piece

4- take out the old O- rings from the old piece and install them in the new holding piece

5- install the new holding piece and put back the two screws

6- but back the barrel

7- tighten the first bolt then tighten the new bolt in the new holding piece.


1- Do you dispense with harmony after the piece?

Answer: No , of course not, but the piece will shorten the harmony in simple and quick steps.

2- What is the benefit of installing the O-rings ?

answer : the O-rings will prevent the barrel from rubbing against the holding piece, and while tightening the bolt it will disappear inside the piece.

3- Will zero prove 100% ?

answer: The stability of zero will be better than the previous one, but somethings must be considered as a factor of zero changes such as shooting angle, atmospheric pressure, heat, cold , humidity and weather in general.

4- Do you need to change the O-rings into bigger size like 90 pressure in barrel duct ?

answer: there are no need for that at all.

5- Does the holding piece replace the need for doubling the O-rings on the liner or installing carbon fiber sleeve?

answer : the holding piece is responsible for holding the barrel, the O-rings and the carbon fiber sleeve is responsible of holding the liner .

6- Will you face any problem in the future in changing barrels ?

answer: absolutely no

just loosen the bolt in the holding piece and the old one and it will simply released

7- does it work in all fx impact editions ?

answer : yes it works in all fx impact editions , fx impact MKI , fx impact MKII , fx impact power plenum , fx impact M3


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Fx Impact barrel holder

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Fx Impact barrel holder